Robert R. Stone

After returning from Vietnam where he served his country, Bob immediately began working to serve his community at home.

After many years service on volunteer boards, commissions and city council, as Mayor of Beavercreek, his leadership has been tested on several occasions, one example being to help with relief efforts following the 2019 Memorial Day tornados which left many without electricity and water; he declared a state of emergency to help provide residents with the resources they needed, all the while watching neighbor helping neighbor was humbling.

Bob established a “1st Thursday” session where residents, business owners, educators, and other community stakeholders can work to build relationships to strengthen the community. Bob spearheaded efforts to create a senior center and community theatre through thousands of private donations. He led the initiative for the construction of a new public works facility and is working toward a new police station to best attend to citizen needs.

Bob serves on the Board of Directors for the Ohio Mayors Alliance and is passionate about mentoring youth who show interest in local government and leadership. He works to connect disabled veterans to organizations that provide mobility devices and service dogs. He supported local school policies that are focused on military and veteran family needs, and Purple Star status. Generous with his time, he can be seen bussing seniors to their appointments as a senior center transportation volunteer.

A voice of collaboration and civic pride, Robert R. Stone enters the Greene County Veterans Hall of Fame at age 74.

Greene County Veterans Services
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