Laurel A. Mayer

Upon Laurel Mayer’s retirement from the Air Force, he continued to serve his community by joining the faculty of Sinclair Community College as an adjunct professor. He brought a history of teaching courses around the world at various military bases and an innovative experience of providing learning opportunities to incarcerated students. Less than a year after joining Sinclair, he was selected for a tenured track position teaching political science, resulting in a 35-year career at the college, ending as a professor emeritus. He retired from full-time service in 2013 but has continued teaching courses through this year.

Laurel has participated in several worldwide conferences, including the National Science Foundation in China, and made presentations at several national political science conferences.

Beyond his impact on education, he is highly involved in his community and served on the Fairborn Planning Board, Zoning Board, Communications Board, and is still currently serving on the Parks and Recreation Board. Laurel supports the Fairborn’s St. Vincent DePaul Society as well as the Fairborn Education Foundation, where is a founding member. He is also a member of the American Legion and a lifetime member of the Military Officers Association of America.

He remains a volunteer at Wright State basketball games, donating his earnings to Wright State scholarships and local food pantries. Laurel enjoys volunteering at the Miami Valley History Museum, where he gives presentations on his tour of duty in Vietnam.

In 2023, Laurel was inducted into Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame for his outstanding contributions as a college educator and community servant

Greene County Veterans Services
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