Katherine Platoni

Known as “Doc” to her patients and in the medical community, Kathy has been a practicing clinical psychologist for more than 40 years and maintains her private practice in Centerville. Her clinical skills and voluminous professional writings on the treatment of PTSD, her passion for helping wounded Soldiers and Veterans in their recovery process, and her assistance to first responders dealing with trauma is exemplary.

As a survivor of the Ft. Hood Massacre of November 2009, she is an ardent activist for reconsideration of this shooting incident as an act of terrorism to assure that victims and their families are awarded long overdue benefits. She was instrumental in the awarding of the Purple Heart to the Fort Hood wounded and to the families of those who lost their lives.

When police and military personnel need direction of managing the aftermath of mass casualties and trauma, they turn to Dr. Platoni for her expertise. She serves on Dayton SWAT as their psychologist, as a consultant to the Dayton Hostage Negotiation Team, and provides services to 36 police departments and 5 fire departments, working 7 full days a week in order to do so.

Kathy has an extensive history of serving Veterans, speaks publicly on Veteran issues from coast to coast, and is co-author of two landmark books on the subject of war trauma, “Expanding the Circle of Healing: Trauma in Its Wake” and “Healing War Trauma: a Handbook of Creative Approaches.” She serves as editor of the nationally regarded online Combat Stress E-Magazine and publishes regularly about subject matter pertaining to wartime service, the Fort Hood Massacre, surviving PTSD, and the moral injury of war.

This is Kathy’s 41st year of military service, now as the psychologist for the Ohio Naval Militia of State Defense Forces.

Greene County Veterans Services
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