Daniel Kirkpatrick

Daniel is an engaging leader who commits his talents to faithfully serving others.

After operating as the Chief Nursing Officer in his last active duty assignment at Wright Patterson AFB Medical Center, he went on to co-found and serve as president of the Center for Disaster Mental Health in the Dayton area, a group of military and civilian mental health professionals focused on the mental health needs of disaster victims.

He was instrumental in creating the Fairborn Chapter of Christmas in Action, a program dedicated to repairing the homes of low-income seniors through the aid of community volunteers. He further devoted himself to helping local citizens – those battling addiction – through his involvement with the Fairborn Drug Court.

A longtime member of the American Nurses Association (ANA), Daniel held several positions at the state level including President of the Ohio Nurses Association, and continues to serve on several ONA committees. In addition, he served as a Fairborn City Councilman and two terms as that city’s mayor.

He’s sought to honor fellow veterans through his work as Chairman of the Education Committee of the American Veterans Heritage Center at the Dayton VA and by serving as Co-Chairman of the Fairborn Military Veterans Memorial Project. Also, he’s been active as a Board Member of the Miami Valley Military History Museum and aids the storytelling process for the American Veterans Heritage Center at the Dayton VA.

Because of his regarded excellence in the medical field, he was consulted by educators and healthcare workers in Pennsylvania and South Dakota to provide guidance on dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

Greene County Veterans Services
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